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Media Library

When we can afford it… we like to produce videos that could hopefully serve in the future as enjoyable historical records. These would include the series of video composites, posted below, that started on our 9th festival in 2005.

We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most talented filmmakers from Brownsville and Matamoros, most of which have contributed much of their work pro-bono.

The godfathers of UTB/TSC media services, Richard Camargo and Norberto Martinez have been there since the beginning. For over two decades, our friends Ricardo and Norbie have documented nearly every worthwhile event we’ve ever presented. We respect and admire them both.

Other filmmakers include Enrique Leal, the great Brownsville filmmaker from Columbia University, the past technical director of the TSC Arts Center Jacob Cantú, the critically acclaimed USC film school grad from Matamoros, René Rhi, and, most recently, we enjoyed working with another filmmaker from Matamoros, the super-professional Jorge de la Colina, producer, director and cinematographer with a film degree from New York University.

We’ve also appreciated working with the technical crew of the City of Brownsville’s Channel 12 and are grateful to them for filming and airing our media as needed.

Videos of more recent festivals remain in “post production” and we hope to eventually make them available here. We would absolutely love to have video recordings of our early Latin Jazz Festivals, especially of our inaugural event, held in 1997, headlined by the late great Tito Puente!

If you have or know of someone with Festival recordings you think we could use… please!

Some of the better clips recorded by others are listed our favorites on our YouTube channel. Watch them, enjoy them and share them with your friends!